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9xbuddy fastest downloader online

9xbuddy is a free online youtube downloader and converter tool. Start downloading and converting your youtube videos to MP3 with high quality at a crazy speed rate.

Ex. : watch? v=aF23232Vs

9xbuddy Simple downloader & converter

9xbuddy is the fastest online Youtube video to MP4 and MP3 converter without any dedicated software installed on your device. You can use it both on desktop and mobile with a speedy download rate. Its been making its efforts to make it available several other features like MP3 converter,MP4 downloader and video editor. It's now supporting converting MP4, 3GP, WebM, HD Videos and M4A into MP3 format with the quality rates of 320kbps and 128 kbps.

9xbuddy ranked #1 in the youtube converter and downloader tools segment. It has come to the market just 8 months back but it got tremendous responses from the online users. Initially, it just supported the download option, But now it's supporting both download and convert options. It's supporting deep links for downloading and converting(MP4 & MP3) youtube videos.

9xbuddy also faced some virus issues in recent days, During that period 9xbuddy was not working some days. But 9xbuddy figured out the issues very early and solved the issues now, Now it's not producing any virus or malware and Its completely safe website to download videos online. There are many other websites for 9xbuddy alternatives online like y2mate,keepvid,savefrom ..etc.

Free Downloads

Unlimited free conversion and download.

MP3 & MP4

Direct download Audio & Video.

All browser support

Fully compatible with all browsers.

Latest updates from 9xbuddy

  • New Web Design

    Came with the new interactive user interface, Awesome ! which will give good user experience in this downloading tool.

  • High performance servers

    Upgraded to new cloud servers.Tool will get good performance and scalability.

  • Compatibility with new sites

    New sits added, Now this tool working with supporting more than 1000 websites.

How to download videos in 9xbuddy

  • Get youtube video URL from or youtube mobile app.

  • Paste youtube video URL in the above textbox.

  • Choose option MP3 or MP4.

  • Finally, click on "Download" button, Now the tool will process the URL and show the option to download the audio or video file into the local storage.